Anyone that’s ever played a tennis match or watched one even, knows that it’s a mind game. And it can be easy to let the opposing team or player get into your head and make you nerves. Which, in turn then affects your play.

We all get nervous (even the pros) but it’s a skill to use that energy to your advantage. It takes some work but here are three affirmations you can tell yourself before a match to use the nervous energy for the better.

I am just as good or better than my opponent

Acknowledging your skill level right off the bat is the best way to address your worth. Often our nerves can talk us into believing we aren’t good enough to play the opponent. Rubbish. You are worthy, remind yourself that over and over until you truly believe it.

I am here because I enjoy it

At the end of the day it’s just a tennis match. You’re there to play because over all you enjoy it. Try not to take it all so seriously. This can often be hard because your opponent can also be taking it very seriously – ignore them. Focus on you and remember to have some fun!

I am strong

Tennis takes a lot of mental and physical strength. Reminding yourself you are strong enough to get through the match both mentally and physically should kick away those nerves.

What do you tell yourself before the match to feel less nervous? Let us know in the comments below.