It's only a couple of weeks into the Summer holidays - but if you're anything like us, you might already need some inspiration on how to fill the kids (and your) time. 

Here's four trips you could do this Summer that are free, or at least not gut wrenchingly expensive. 

Go To An Outdoor Movie
A movie trip is a great idea for all seasons, but since the weather is pretty nice right now, why not look at taking it outside. Drive in movie theaters are easy to find in America, and in the UK more and more 'Movie nights' are popping up around the country. So, why not enjoy a movie out under the stars with your fav people this Summer. 

summer vacation 30fifteen.jpg

Make It A Beach Or Lake Day
Whether you find yourself abroad or at home, finding a beach or a lake to go visit is a great trip to make with family and/or friends. Most public beaches and lakes are free to go too, and offer a fun and refreshing day out. Take games and books to enjoy while you're there, this kind of day is good all around! Just make sure you stay safe. 

Take A Road Trip Somewhere New
Summer is about adventures, and hopping into the car and exploring what a different town has to offer could lead to a lot of fun! If you're thinking of going somewhere more than 4 hours away in the car, we advise you plan it out, have a place to stay mapped out, otherwise, leave early and come back the same day to make the most out of your trip! Not sure where to go, just google towns/cities within 2 hours and see what looks good! Drive safely!