We all have those days where it seems all we can focus on is what is going wrong in our life and we struggle to focus on the positive things. It takes time to train the mind into recognizing thats what you are doing, and change your mind set. However, it is possible! 

Whenever we fall into one of those mindsets we begin to change it but focusing on three things that make us smile. The best way to use this technique is by writing down three things that do in fact make you smile. We suggest you do this when you are in a really good mood because it will be way easier to come up with them. When you've done this keep them with you or at least in a place you'll remember. That way when you are feeling blue, down or just fed up, you can look at those three reasons and hopefully find your smile - ultimately changing your mindset into a more positive one. 

Why do this? 
Because life wasn't meant to spent miserable. Life is hard, we all have things that are stressful, upsetting and difficult, but when you've done all you can to try and solve them, why dwell on something when you can be enjoying whats in front of you - your life! 

When it comes to noting down three things that make you smile, you really don't have to over think it. It could be "When my dog picks up a stick and does a happy jig" or "Sleeping in on the weekends",  "Walking into the barre studio to your fav instructor", "A Family member" or "a specific memory". It has to though really make you smile. Otherwise you may look at your list on your off day and be like 'meh' yeah ok.. We don't want that! We want it to make you smile no matter what! 

Whats on my list?
Ice cream
How my man loves me
My puppy first thing in the morning
If the list doesn't work for whatever reason, maybe it's a really low day, I'll make a cup of tea and put on Friends reruns. 

So your task if you chose to accept it, is to find those three things that really make you smile no matter what and then a positive self care action you can do incase the list doesn't work. Why? Because like we've said multiple times before - life really is too short and precious to be spent miserable.