It's the Summer holidays - one of the busiest times of the year to travel. Whether you get on an airplane or take a road trip - there's things you need to pack to make the trip a little more enjoyable and carefree! 

Here's five things we always take with us when we travel (no matter what)! 


Travel essentials water.jpg

We've talked about the importance of staying hydrated, how it affects your mood a lot of times in the past... here's a few. Traveling always makes you dehydrated, so we always carry water with us. Not only does it save having to hunt down some (often at great expense), it also reminds us to drink it if we already have it with us! 

Hand Sanitizer

Let's face it - how often are those planes, trains, buses or even your car (come to think of it) really deep cleaned?! Kind of wish we hadn't mentioned it?! -Yeh, us too! Hand sanitizer to the ready! It definitely doesn't compensate for washing your hands with soap but it does come in handy while traveling! 


Travel essentials moisturizer.jpg

Your skin is your largest organ and needs to be treated nicely. Traveling can seriously dry out your skin, even more so if you've been in the sun. Coat your skin in your fav moisturizer throughout those travel days! Too much is never enough! 


Being hungry on a travel day is awful- actually being hangry is even worse - for everyone involved! So, we make sure we carry plenty of healthy snacks in our bags before leaving the house. Especially because food available at service stations and airports - while they are improving their healthier options - it comes at an expense you could avoid if you just prepare before hand. 

Some of our fav snacks are here.

30Fifteen Sweater

30Fifteen Cleo Sweater and dress 1.jpg

Layers are so important. Whether it's the a/c from the car, train or airplane being cold sucks. Always pack an extra layer. Our choice will forever be our Cleo Sweater! We throw it on every time we travel!

What are your five travel essentials? 

Share them with us!