Our moods are changing constantly, if someone says they are happy all the time, we’re sorry but you’re lying. It’s absolutely ok, to go through the ebb and flow of your emotions. However, staying in a bad mood for a long period of time is not fun, and the quicker that passes the better. Here’s seven ways you can shift that bad mood:

Hit Some Tennis Balls

Pull on your fav 30fifteen outfit, grab your tennis bag and head to the court. If you have someone to hit balls with -awesome! If not hire the ball machine at your club or find a brick wall and just take some swings to get any emotions out. You’ll be surprised at how awesome it feels to just smash some balls across the court, not caring where they go. Get out lots of tension!


Get outside in the fresh air and run or walk. If you’re a runner run, if you’re not just walk. Set a 30 min loop and stride on the pavement. Be outside in different surroundings takes your mind off what is bothering you, or what’s causing you to be in a bad mood.

Call a friend

Just like who wants to be a millionaire, calling a friend is always an option when you’re in any mood. Having someone you can call to vent too or get a better perspective on a situation is so important. So, when you’re struggling to shift the mood, call a friend, talk it out. Or even go out with them, have a laugh.

Watch a funny movie or tv show

A lot of the time when we’re feeling down, we need to zone out and detach from our reality, watching a funny movie or tv show is awesome for this! If you feel like you have too many things to do, just put it on in the background while you’re doing your tasks. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be laughing and forgetting about why you were in a bad mood.

Dance it out

Put on your fave tunes, and dance out your feelings in your bedroom, living room, stock room (where ever you might be). Dance it out, sing it out too. That burst of releasing energy, will send endorphins running around your body and cause your mood to elevate!

Read a book

Just like watching a movie or a tv show, reading a book takes you into another reality, being you can detach from the mood you’re feeling and indulge in the character’s world. This allows your mood to even out and shift your mind into feeling other emotions, ones created by the author of your book of choice. We just suggest you pick a light hearted, uplifting novel to help you shift that bad mood.

Take a shower

A very simple task, a daily necessity, that can really help you shift any negative moods. We like to envision the water washing our mood away, and replacing it with a loving coating, energy or colour. Pink, green, light blue or white, soaking our bodies. Obviously, this is a visualization exercise, but one that is highly powerful, if you’re at home and want to shift the bad mood quickly try this!

What do you do to shift your bad moods? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!