When your mood changes, it can be easy to dwell in it and let it completely ruin a day or even a week. Shift that stuff. It is just a feeling, they come and go at your will. So, here’s five things to ask yourself to change your mood.

Why do you feel like this?

Identify what the cause is; what has you feeling, upset, angry, frustrated, lonely, sad, disappointed etc. Once you figure that out you can work towards shifting your mood.

Can you change this situation?

If you don’t have any control over this situation, let it go. Trust. Put it in God’s hands, or whomever you believe in. Just try not to spend any more time dwelling on it, if you can’t do anything about it. Instead…

What’s one thing you can do today to make you feel good?

Shopping? Call your friends? Spend time with your S.O.? Workout? Go play sports? Watch Sports? Go to a spa? Have a bubble bath? Read a book? Go watch a movie? Focus on things you can do for yourself to raise yourself care, and feel better.

What’s one thing you can do, today, this week and this month, to help solve this issue?

If whatever is causing your mood, something you can control. Plan something you can do to work on the issue. Something you can do, today, then something else you can do this week, and then something else you can do during the month. A short, medium and long term goal. If it’s not something you can control. Instead, plan something you can do for yourself once a week and then every month. Something that brings you joy.