When you spend a lot of time working out, or playing sports. There’s some essentials you always need with you. Here’s five things fit girls always need with them:


Keeping hydrated during the day is so important. It can seriously impact your performance and workouts if you are dehydrated. Keep a water bottle with you at all times that you can refill, or even add in an electrolyte sachet. You lose a lot minerals through sweating, so it’s important that you replenish them!

Protein snack

Every fit girl knows the importance of protein. So, keeping protein snacks on you to consume when you’re on the go, after a workout, will keep your body functioning at its optimum. Removing any risk of depletion.

Change of clothes (or at least fresh underwear)

Hygiene is just as important as water and protein snacks, keep your body free of bacteria, and carry clean clothes with you to change into after a workout, or at the very least a fresh pair of underwear. There are lots of workout products on the market now that are not made to wear all day. So, keep your body fresh and just wear your workout gear for your workout.

Body wipes

Goes along with the above. Body wipes are great to carry with you when you don’t have access to shower facilities after your workout. Use them to freshen up, remove make up and generally feel a little cleaner after a good sweat session!


Ah the pièce de résistance! It’s in your bag whether you workout or not! Wind, sweaty underground, rain, workout, whatever it is, make sure your hair looks good at any moment by using your hairbrush to tidy things up!