Anxiety can start for lots of different reasons, and some unknown. You can reduce your anxiety these four ways.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

It’s said a lot but meditation and breathing exercises can do wonders to calm your mind. There are lots of apps and online information on both, just google pranayama breathing techniques or go to the app store and look up headspace a great meditation app especially for those who are new to the practice.

Moving your body

One of the reasons we love to play tennis is because it can burn off any stress that you might be feeling as well as any anxiety you might be holding. Exercise makes releases a chemical reaction in your brain to occur making you feel good. That part is science. So, whether you play tennis, go to the gym, take a yoga class, get out on your bike, or just take a walk around your town. Get your body moving to help relax.

Surround yourself with nature

Nature has such a profound affect on us as humans. It can be so relaxing to get out in the wilderness and camp or hike. For some, who aren’t campers or hikers, just going to your local park, or sit in your garden can be enough to distance yourself from any judgements or negative thoughts that are causing you anxiety. Relax outside in nature, and enjoy yourself.

Essential oils

Diffusing essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus in your home can shift your mood and your mind into a positive head space. These oils can help you fall asleep too, so diffusing them at night time can be a great tool to help you calm the mind and sleep better.

How do you reduce your anxiety, let us know in the comments below.