There’s nothing better than planning a BBQ to kick off the Summer, however, there’s more to it than just getting lighter fluid and charcoal. Here’s are breakdown of things to plan:

Make sure you know what you’re cooking

Plan your menu, and get everything a couple of days before so you don’t have to deal with last minute shoppers and lack of options at the store. Things can sell out quickly. 

Clean up the patio furniture

Setting up for Summer can be great, but you’re going to need to clean up that furniture before you want guests to sit on it. So, make sure you set aside some time to do so!  

Plant some flowers

Along with the patio furniture you might want to give your back yard a bit of a spruce, and plant some new flowers, or hang some baskets ready for the Summer.

Stock up on drinks

Whether it’s cold or hot, you’re guests will be thirsty, try not to let it be more thirsty than your supplies. So, make sure you are fully stocked for any level of demand.  

Paper or Fancy

You need to decide what you’re going to serve your food on; paper plates or get a little fancy with your outside plastic plates? Either way, you need to decide, so It’s ready for your guests.

If we were proper party planners, we’re sure there’s more to organize than the above list, but we feel like we’ve covered the basics. Go have some fun, next weeks a short week!!