Ah May bank holiday is this weekend, or Memorial day for our American readers! With the weather being so miserable, it’s hard to believe, but it is. Which means Summer is on the way!! Usually this bank holiday (whether youre in UK or America) means being outside with family and friends. Whether it means, at your house, BBQ-ing or your local pub or park… so here’s some fun ideas to make your weekend a good one!


Nothing says the start of Summer like your first BBQ. If you’re planning a BBQ, make sure you plan ahead with the menu, buy all your main ingredients ahead of time so you don’t have to deal with last minute shoppers! 

If you’re planning on a BBQ, make sure you have a backup plan in case it rains…

Get some canapés you can whip out at a moment’s notice, and take the party inside!

 Local events

Find out if there are any local events happening near you, that could be fun to take you and your family too. Again, if it’s a nice weekend, the longer you can be outside – the better!


This is a great weekend to see relatives you don’t always get to see or friends you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Or just go out into your neighbourhood and people watch. We think it’s not important what you do with your people, but that you do something. Spend time with each other. That’s the important part.

Be Happy

If you find yourself alone this long weekend, there are some great options on how you can spend your weekend. Turn to a little self-care, and look after you. There’s some ideas here.

Get some exercise

There are usually lots of clubs hosting tournaments this weekend, but if yours isn’t, why not just pick up your tennis racket anyway and hit some balls? Getting some exercise before you hit the pub or best friends BBQ is not a bad idea!!

There are so many options when it’s a long weekend, we hope you have a great one, and you get to spend with people you love and laugh with!