Our bodies are clever things, and we can train it into doing stuff we never thought possible. So, when you’re preparing your body to compete, at any level, you need to prepare your body for it. 

The key things to do before you compete are:


Follow a consistent schedule of a least eight consecutive hours, or depending on your body. Some will find they need more than eight hours a night, others will need less. You know your body better than anyone, make sure you listen to it.

Wake Up

Rise a minimum of two hours before your match. If the match is at 8am, the optimal wake up time would be three hours before, to ensure you are as alert as possible.


Choose juices, fruits, yoghurts with cereal, toast etc. Try to avoid, cheese or pastries.


Drink 1.5 litres of what with electrolytes two hours before the match begins and continue to drink during the match. Being dehydrated before you start is not how you want to feel.  

These are our top four things, you could also add in a light workout, stretch, some yoga, to get you in a good mindset before you start to play, but that’s personal preference. What are some other things you do to get your body ready to compete? Let us know in the comments below!