Sports are great for so many different reasons. When you’re trying to find a sport to play (especially as an adult) there’s some that (we think) are just better than others. Tennis is one of them. Here’s 24 reasons why tennis is awesome.

1) You can play it any age

One of the few sports you can pick up later on in life and get good at!

2) Full body workout

Every part of your body is used in tennis, whether you like it or not!

3) It’s social

Moved to a new area, head over to your nearest tennis club and start hitting, you’ll soon meet new people, a lot of them, and fast!

4) Minimal Injuries

It’s one of those sports that over use is the most common injury. Despite that, it’s not a sport injuries often occur.

5) Save money on therapy

Hitting some tennis balls can seriously let off some steam, and definitely cheaper than anger management

6) It’s affordable

There are free courts all over the place, and if you want to join a club you’d be surprised at the price and the facilities that come with most memberships.

7) It’s accessible

Doesn’t matter where you go, there won’t be a tennis court very far away!

8) You can play all year round

Rain and snow might stop you from playing outside, but indoor courts are never far away, so you can enjoy the sport consistently all year round.

9) Good for your mind and your body

Tennis is not just great for your body, but also for your mind. Strategic game planning and reactions keep your mind working strongly.

10) The outfits

Obviously, we’re going to mention the fashion. If you’re not playing at a traditional club, there are so many options for outfits in the tennis world these days. 30Fifteen is one of them!

11) You can enjoy with anyone

Friends, family, singles, doubles, mixed singles, mixed doubles! Take your pic!

12) You can play on multiple surfaces

Hard, Clay, Grass… they all impact your game differently and keep things interesting!

13) There are so many different types of shots

Just when you think theres only five types of shots - forearm, backhand, overhead, volley and serve.. you' realize theres numerous different ways to hit all of those! Keeping the game, awesome and exciting to play and watch!

14) Action happens all year around

Tennis championships run throughout the year. With very little downtime for pro’s to not be competing. Great for tennis fans!!

15) Well mannered sport (for the most part)

There’s a certain etiquette to tennis. Unwritten rules as it were … you’re not going to see spitting, or bashing other players on the tennis court.

16) Watching live tennis is such a great setting

Day or evening matches are usually enjoyed with Pimms, strawberries and wine enjoying some seriously fierce athletes!

17) Prize money for women and men in tennis championships is equal

Setting the tone for every other industry! Google it!

18) No gimmicks, cheerleaders etc. Just a racket, a court and some balls

Simplicity, the sport carries the whole event.

19) Sophisticated spectators

No yelling, name calling, chants, hooligans - just some classy spectators enjoying the sport!

20) No time limit to matches

Matches end when they end, anyone see the Kevin Anderson and John Isner match at Wimbledon last year? Point made! Awesome!!

21) The smell of new tennis balls

We love it, but it’s possibly like marmite (you love it or hate it)… but it smells awesome to us! New and exciting!

22) The evolution of tennis

From the components to court surfaces, nets, rackets, balls etc to the game itself. The power of the athletes keeps the game so exciting and awesome to watch, and play!

23) The game is so easily impacted by your mind

If you get in your head, stiffen up, and over think, you’re not going to play your best game. If you, relax, feel confident and slow things down, you’ve more than likely got a win coming!! Mindset is everything in tennis!

24) It’s Fun!

Good shot or bad shot, it’s fun to play! If you’re not laughing on the court, you’re doing it wrong!! Ha!

No shut down your computer or device and go hit some balls!